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April 2020

Tajima College San Diego

"This is the 5th location Tazz has been involved with whilst working along with our long-time associate in the industry Ikedo Design."

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 11.06.48

May 2020

Custom Residence, Del Mar CA

"Lighting has settled into fashion status in recent years - As reflected in this newsletter, this stylish design is an absolute trend setter."


July 2020

Jinya Ramen, Las Vegas


"Getting Lighting right for this project and in most restaurants is no small feat. For us, the job is not done when the product is shipped."

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 10.56.38

January 2020

Block C, San Marcos

"Student housing at its best, with many hours of collaboration between the Architects and Studio Plus Light to create a warm secure and modern environment for the students."

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 10.58.20

February 2020


"Tazz Lighting teamed up with Ikedo Design. Many hours of collaboration and team effort between Ikedo Design and Tazz Lighting, Inc, from basic concept to completion, resulted in a stunning new Ramen and Sake restaurant."

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 10.50.43

September 2019

Custom Residence Cielo, San Diego

"Tazz Lighting teamed up with Paul Munsch from Munsch Homes with this beautiful unique custom home built up on a hillside that is unique to its neighbors."

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 10.52.39

October 2019

Kairo Brewing Company

"Tazz Lighting teamed up with Jason Maune. Many hours of collaboration and team effort between Jason Maune and Tazz Lighting, Inc, from concept to completion, resulted in a stunning brewery."

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 11.00.04

March 2020

Specs Optometry, San Diego

"Modern Day Optometry Office Reimaged.

Our enjoyment on this project was due, in most part, to our relationship with the General Contractor Molinar Construction."

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 10.54.25

November 2019

Skin & Skinnier

"Tazz Lighting teamed up with Creative Build and Retail Amp. Many hours of collaboration and team effort between all parties and Tazz Lighting, Inc, from concept to completion, resulted in a stunning Boutique Medical Spa."

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 10.44.48

June 2019

Birch Aquarium

"Tazz Lighting is proud and honored to have been the lighting design and supply team, from concept to completion, for the new Seadragons & Exhibit at the Birch Aquarium San Diego."


July 2019

Simply Stunning Shades

"Tazz Lighting is proud to announce our partnership with Simply Stunning Shades.This unity brings together a more comprehensive ability to attain our client's dream..."

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 10.48.29

August 2019

Carlsbad, CA.

"This unique water front property in Carlsbad has unobstructed views of the lagoon, visible from all three levels."


February 2019

Melvin Brewery

"Many hours of collaboration and team effort between Hauck Architecture and Tazz Lighting, from concept to completion, resulted in a new stunning brewery."


April 2019

Alexander Cosmetic Surgery and Skin Care

"Our enjoyment on this project was due, in most part, to our relationship with collaborators, John Alexander and Vicki Jansma, from Vicki Jansma Design."

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 10.36.28

May 2019

Los Hermosos

"We were involved in this exciting, one of a kind project from the very concept all the way through to completion."


November 2018

7430 Hillside Dr La Jolla, CA

 "This beautiful Hillside Dr. Residence in La Jolla, unique to its neighbors, is actually built into the hillside.


Martin was asked to be involved from concept to completion with lighting design and distribution..." 


December 2018

Encinitas Residence

 "A total rebuild in Encinitas with the designer Dorothee Claude Interior Design, and the experienced building of Alliance Green Builders, we transformed this old home to a state of..." 


January 2019

Custom Residence

"This beautiful coastal contemporary custom residence unique to its neighbors with post card views brought the client’s vision to reality..."


August 2018

Residence, La Jolla

"This beautiful remodel in La Jolla, with post card views of the San Diego bay and city, brought the client's vision to reality..."


September 2018

Residence, Carmel Valley

"Breaking the Mold in Carmel Valley. Doro Pirino, Principal at Dorothée Claude Interior Design took on the challenge to fully redesign and transform..."


October 2018

The Park: Bankers Hill

"Tazz Lighting was excited to supply the lighting for The Park in Bankers Hill, initially working closely with the developer to advise on product specifications..."

JPG Image

April 2018 

Toll Brothers Design Studio, Irvine

"This project entailed a contemporary design that incorporated breathtaking mounted monorail fixtures. The oil rubbed bronze..."

JPG Image

June 2018

Civita Rec Center, San Diego

"The beautiful Civita Rec Center in Mission Valley evolved from the initial concept stages..."

JPEG Image

July 2018

Salt Lake City, Utah

"Our enjoyment on this project was due, in most part, to our relationship with collaborators, Ikedo Design..."

Exterior Lighting

March 2018

Private Residence, San Diego

"For this elegant coastal property, David Shepherd wanted to create a lighting ambiance of relaxation and warmth..."

Exterior Lighting

February 2018

Custom Private Residence, San Diego

"Martin Epstein of Tazz Lighting and Paul Munsch of Munsch Homes collaborated on a lighting design for this beautiful ..." 

Exterior Lighting

November 2017 

St. James Church, San Diego

"What began as a refresher for the entry vestibule slowly blossomed into a full-scope remodel for this beloved church..."

October 2017 

Ototo Sushi, San Diego

"Our enjoyment on this project was due, in most part, to our relationship with collaborators Ikedo Design and Hiroshi Tokairin...."

July 2017

Private Residence, Encinitas 

"For this luxurious 3-story residence, the design team integrated modern lighting treatments and the clean architectural..." 

June 2017

Beauty Bakerie, Westfield Mission Valley 

"Beauty Bakerie's flagship store boasts a vibrant interior design by Mindful Design Consulting with yummy colors and candy-coated effervescence..."

April 2017 

Merge, Carmel Valley 

"Tazz Lighting worked with architecture firm Safdie Rabines on this contemporary neighborhood office park...."

March 2017

Private Residence, Solana Beach 

"Tazz Lighting teamed up with designer Kristianne Watts on this beautiful residence in Solana Beach, California, creating a sumptuous..." 

February 2017

Private Residence, Solana Beach  

"For this beautiful coastal contemporary home we wanted to create a simple, minimalist lighting plan that would satisfy the client's need for energy efficiency..."

January 2017

Merge, Carmel Valley 

"Tazz Lighting teamed up with designer Einat Artzi on this stunning residence in La Jolla, California, to integrate..."

December 2016

Block C, San Marcos 

"This magnificent luxury student apartment complex located in the heart of San Marcos brings a modern, trend-forward style to the neighborhood. With warm glowing


November 2016

Catch LA, West Hollywood 

"With its signature open kitchen and breathtaking views of downtown Los Angeles & the Hollywood Hills, the 340 seat retractable rooftop haven invites the outside..."

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